A while ago, back in the 70's Mr Costas Velonis opened LM in the West located in Pretoria West... 

It was the hype of the town, people came from all over just to get there hands on the spectacular seafood dishes... Unfortunately with most things, all good things come to an end...

In the early 2000's Mr Anthony Velonis took matters into his own hands and decided to open LM in the East located in Pretoria East...

Using his Fathers recepies and adding a few modern adjustments it was the hit of the town..

There was one problem however, the venue wasn't large enough to cater for all these wonderful people...

This in when Toureiro House Of Prawns was born!


With a large enough venue, all the old recepies everyone loves and a modern take on things..

There's no wonder people keep coming back.

Did you know?

A species of prawn called the Snapping shrimp is a very loud little fella..

They make a sound louder than any other marine animal, producing a noise with their claws that is greater than a gunshot or a jet engine. They use this to comunicate and stun prey. Navy submarines sometimes hide in beds of these prawns to diguise their location from sonar detection.

How it all started...


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