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⬇️ Online Booking Guide: ⬇️

For help on how to book online please refer to the guide below:

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Step 1:
Make A Reservation

Find the make a reservation box


Step 2:
Seating Option

Select your seating option from the dropdown menu


Step 3:
Party Size

Select your party size from the dropdown menu


Step 4:

Select the date for your reservation from the dropdown menu


Step 5:

Select the time for your reservation from the dropdown menu

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Step 6:
Find Your Table

Select the "Find a table" button


Step 7:
Fill in Your Details

Fill in the form


Step 8:
Special Seating Request

Be sure to let us know if you have a special seating request for your booking

For example:

*Non-Smoking Deck/Stoop

*Table 21

*Tree/Boom Area

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Step 9:
Complete Reservation

Once you have filled in all your details, special event request (if you have one), and special seating request

You can click "COMPLETE RESERVATION" button

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Step 10:
Reservation Confirmation

And... You are DONE! 

You should receive an SMS and Email confirmation.

If there is any issue concerning your booking, we will contact you.

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